Hello people!!
It would be best to start with the introduction to the theme
Here at 3 Course Culinary our idea is to bring out the best of the Indian
cuisine in it's most ethnic form.
To bring before you the raw flavors of India, served in a 3 Course meal.
We aim at bringing the authenticity of Indian delicacies in it's 'Satvik'
form, inspired by Jainism, we here make recipes which do not have
Onions, Garlic, Potato, and all such things which are considered to be
Tamsik according to Indian beliefs.
Incorporating 'Satvik Bhojan' in our daily lives is considered as taking
a step ahead of healthy living, peaceful mind, and a 'Rog' (disease ) free
It's not just about food, but a journey towards Tranquility.
Food for Soul

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